Happy Birthday 25th “Stephanie Hwang”♥♥

fanyuuuuu.png  tiffanyhwang

Tiffany GIF :

Her cuteness :

Tiffany Hwang SNSD Girls' Generation Cute and Adorable Sunshine Eyes GIFbth_jphip11265_zps74d76ebdiVV10b658pMkr


Her tears :



Her fanservice :


Her funny moment :


And the other GIF :


Her on photoshoot :



The girl with eye smile, that is Hwang Miyoung (a.k.a Tiffany) from Girls Generation!^^
today its her birthday, 25 years ago she is born in 1 August 1989.. She is pink addicted and she is hate bug!

She is one of the members who often give a fanservice to the fans! She is very friendly..
When she walked, the fans yelled at her “Tiffany!” and she walk to the fans and gave a sign!

When she crying i was crying too, when she singing i will enjoy it..

That is the reason why i be a FanyTastic. I love Tiffany so much<3

Happy birthday uri “Fany Fany Tiffany!!”♥

My wish is I hope you will be better and better.. keep healthy and strong! especially success in your career.
and do you know? I love you so much much much and much<3 Youre my inspiration! After I know you announce GGWorldTour in Indonesia my feeling is.. happy sometime sad. Why? Because i want to see u not in television and video 😦

But, my parents not allowed me to see GGWorldTour, i just follow what my parents said. So, i wish i can see u and have a time to talk with u in personal later. It just a dreams, but i believe “Dream Comes True” yaaa I hope keke~

Okey, maybe its enough for me. Once again Happy Birthday Tiffany<3
I love you so much.. muaaaaaaaaaach:*



One thought on “Happy Birthday 25th “Stephanie Hwang”♥♥

  1. Saengil chukkae-hamnida, Ppany Eonni!
    Wah, maap ya, Eonni, aku ngucapinnya udah telat banget, nih. Mianhae, hehe~
    Keep cheers, keep be a pink lover, keep be an Eyesmile Princess, Eonni-ya!
    Saranghae uri Tiffany Eonni!
    Saranghae hanmadi! /dance ala kissing you/

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